Candle Care

Alright, look. I know you're not used to seeing little pieces of wood used as wicks, but, despite what you might think, they're super easy to use. They just take a little bit more effort. Not much, a little bit. Promise.

So, for the wicks to burn properly, after pouring the wick needs to be trimmed to 1/4"

Sometimes wax levels can vary (not often with Uncle Ron's) so, rather than trimming the wick, I leave it about a 1/2" long, So when you light it the first time, it'll burn down to the proper length on its own.

After lighting the candle the first time, let it burn down until it goes out. Knock off the charred bits (it's fine to knock it off into the candle, it can't hurt it) 

Re-light it. (it should stay lit now. a lower flame, but that's on purpose)

Let the candle burn for at least an hour, or until you have a full burn pool (melted wax meets the edge of the glass) This helps with re-lighting the candle, but also ensures that the candle burns even all the way down!

PLEASE REMEMBER to knock off the charred bits of the wick before re-lighting the candle. You'll have to do this every time you light the candle again. It's not hard work. You can do this. OMG YOU CAN DO THIS.

That's it. That's all you have to do.

For folks who want to re-use the glass or melt down the little bit of remaining wax to dump into a candle for yourselves (no wasting!)

Put the glass with the remaining wax in your freezer for at least 24hours. The wax will harden and break away from the glass.

Remove it from the freezer, turn it over in your hand, and pat the bottom. It should pop right out.

You can now take a spare jar, and the leftover wax, and start yourself your own candle. 

This would require you to get some wicks for yourself. 

Set the wick in the jar (a little super glue will hold it)

set up a double boiler situation (just google it)

toss in one of the scents you want to melt down, melt it, discard the metal wick clip (use tongs or something. Don't burn yourselves) and then pour it into your freshly wicked jar.

let it (James)harden, and then start yourself another scent, repeat. 

Just like that, You have your own Uncle Ron's layered candle.

That's all I got. Thanks for supporting the brand and continuing to #BurnOneForUncleRon