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Uncle Ron's Condle Co. is a small batch candle company based in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, PA. URCC uses an all soy blend wax, the highest quality fragrance/essential oils, paired with a wooden wick for a clean, even, and long lasting burn.

Starting in 2016, I, Owner Aaron (Uncle Ron) Ditro had an idea that quite hit the mark for me. Trying wax blend after wax blend, wick after wick, vessel after vessel. I found myself making something I thought was cool at the time, but looking back now, it was pretty dang cheese. which is totally fine, I think you have to trust the process, no matter what your process is. That being said, to everyone who supported me during the early stages of URCC, THANK YOU. It helped me want to keep this thing moving. It made me invest most of my free time trying to figure out the best possible way to keep people excited. For me, that's where branding comes in to play. I started looking for the right branding to separate myself apart from other candlemakers in a pretty dang saturated market. That's where friend, and artist, Bruno (@brunofsky) Guerreiro came in. I was already a fan of his art, having worked with him in the past (during shirts and such for my lame duck bands lol) and couldn't think of anyone else I'd want to help bring URCC to life.  Teaming up with Bruno was huge inspiration for me. It made me work my hardest to make a product that matched the stellar branding. I finally feel that I have found that. At first I tried to make as many candles as possible, because I felt I needed to have a ton of options for people If I actually wanted to make something of URCC. Even though it seemed right at the time, I now know that working in small batches helps to make sure each run of candles I put out, are the best possible candles I can make. It also keeps it super exciting for me to try new scents to see if people get excited as I do when I finally have the finished product.

Look, Candles are everywhere. Good candles are not. Know what your burning, know where it comes from. I'll be over here spilling wax all over the place.


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